Scottish Cali Squad: Edinburgh Meet-up at Inverleith Park Next Week!

Last weekend saw the Scottish Cali Squad enjoy their third meet-up at Airdrie Leisure Centre and what a great day it was again! I didn't manage a full head count, but there were at least 30 people in attendance and at least 10 of those I hadn't seen or met before.

Numbers are clearly progressing fast, but not as fast as the skills on show! With coaches Paddy, Pamela and Ali working their way around the bars everyone had a chance to try something new, or land a move for the first time - even at the first time of asking (ahem, 'First Time' Sam!).

Everywhere you looked around the bars and surrounding grassy areas there was sub-groups of people catching up, meeting for the first time, having a good laugh and learning new skills and progressions together.

Personally I was able to pick up a really cool new headstand pike variation (thank you, Laura), achieve my first consecutive Dragon Flag reps (thanks to advice from Ali about my tucked Front Lever technique) and also act like a tree for various people (even 2 at a time) to hold Front Levers and Back Levers off of me! The levers are still out of my reach, but at least I can play my part this way and take some cool photos. Next time I'll try hold 3 or 4 people some how!

As usual now it seems there were loads of ring and bar muscle ups successes and well done to everyone who landed something or tried something new for the first time, no matter how hard you failed! That's the greatest part of these Scottish Cali Squad meet-ups. Whether you can wow the crowds with advanced moves, or just fall down trying the earliest progressions, everyone is so friendly, supportive and encouraging.

If you're reading this post and you haven't gotten yourself to a meet-up yet, don't worry, the next one is just days away!

This weekend (Saturday August 29th) the Squad are meeting at Inverleith Park in Edinburgh from 1-4PM and like all other meet-ups this is completely free to attend. You don't need any experience, friends or equipment - the Scottish Cali Squad will have everything you need. They've got all the tools, pals and skills you need to have a great day, try something new and progress your calisthenics practice quicker than you can do on your own.

As well as meet-ups, there are now weekly Calisthenics Classes led by the Scottish Cali Squad coaches available in Glasgow, Airdrie, Edinburgh and Dundee. Full details for all classes and availability can be found, here!

All photographs credited to @lord_thomo and @samsouthall92.


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