Coaching Calisthenics

Wow! It's been a long three years since I last posted on this page. I've found plenty more places to train around Glasgow and surrounding areas and I'm now a part-time fitness instructor with my own business (JCD Coaching) in Glenboig, near Coatbridge. 

Thanks to calisthenics, my fitness business focuses primarily on using bodyweight training and beginner calisthenics progressing to help people get outside, get fit and have fun! The slogan might have changed a little bit, but I'm still as committed to growing calisthenics in Scotland.

I now have a number of 1-1 personal training clients who are working towards calisthenics-specific goals such as performing their first pull-up or strict push-up. Personally, I'm still in search of the handstand and front lever, but my muscle-up has regressed too after a dislocated collarbone at the start of 2018. It's been a struggle, but I'm finally making better progress and when I get the muscle-up back this time, I won't lose it.

Subsequent posts on this page will still focus on where to train for calisthenics in Scotland, as well as my goal for my local village in Glenboig to install the first committed calisthenics workout facility in Scotland. *EDIT: There's one in Airdrie, that I had no idea about. Why is it always that the things I look for most are right under my nose?! Blogpost on this to follow.*

I'll also cover training tips, big achievements from myself and my calisthenics clients and equipment reviews.

Please follow me @ScottishCalisthenics on Instagram and @ScotCalisthenics on Facebook to get regular updates from this page, and feel free to leave a comment below!


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