Where To Workout: West End Park, Coatbridge

Allow me to introduce you to West End Park, Coatbridge!

I first visited this site in January 2016, but for whatever reason I never got around to publishing the 'Where To Workout' post.

It was a bloody cold day that day, but I was really impressed with the facility that I found. Originally built as a Parkour facility, West End Park has an array of overhead bars and parallel bars for a calisthenics enthusiast to use. It could be suggested that the overhead bars are a little thick for calisthenics beginners, but this will only make you stronger as far as hand grip is concerned.

I am no expert in Parkour, but I am sure that for Parkour enthusiasts this site is a huge privilege and a real coup for Coatbridge. Originally built in 2011, West End Park seems to have become immensely popular with Freerunner's and children of all ages who love to train and play in this facility.

Sadly, around six months after I trained at West End Park, the facility was targeted by a mindless 16-year-old arsonist. The Parkour facility had to be shut down until sufficient repairs could be made. Thankfully the facility was reopened in January of this year and according to The Award Winning Coatbridge Parkour Park Facebook page you can find out more information about how to learn and practice Parkout by visiting the Parkour Scotland Facebook page.

As you can see in the picture above, much of the structures have been replaced, as has the soft surface. Huge credit to everyone who helped ensure this park was repaired and back open. Vandalism cannot be allowed to win!

So, if you live in the Coatbridge/Airdrie/East Glasgow area, why not check out West End Park! It doesn't matter if you haven't tried Parkout or calisthenics before and there is so much for children to play on if you have any to bring.

Get outside. Build muscle. Have fun!


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