Where to Workout: Cuningar Loop, Glasgow

Last month I received a comment on this blog from a chap called Kieron (Hi, Kieron!) who informed me about a place to workout in Dalmarnock, in the east end of Glasgow. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Cuningar Loop!

I had never heard of this place before Kieron brought it to my attention, but I am so glad that he did!

This "new woodland park" only opened in March of this year and based on my first visit, it is clearly a very popular addition to this rapidly redeveloping part of the east end. Situated just across the river from what was the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games athletes village, access to the site is still under construction. When we eventually worked out how to get there, via Downiebrae Road, we couldn't believe just how great this place was (or will be, when it's finished!).

Costing a whopping £5.7million this site was funded by the Legacy 2014 project, which seeks to ensure Scotland continues to benefit from Glasgow 2014. More information about Cuningar Loop, how to get there and the full list of activities you can do there can be found, here.

The range of activities available for all the family is not like any other free-to-access public space I have visited in Scotland. There is a cafe, lots of different trees, recycled artwork, wooden adventure playground equipment, and even huge boulders shaped like huge elephants!

There were children everywhere, and it was clear that Cuningar Loop is going to be seriously enjoyed by all who visit it. I'll certainly be going back when my 9-year-old nephew comes to visit.

Like the sign at the front of the park says, there really is something for everyone, including those of us who like to workout outdoors! Yes, there is a small selection of outdoor workout equipment, and yes, pull-ups and dips are on the menu.

As Kieron suggested in his comment, the pull-up bars come in three different heights and were proving very popular with those children who could reach them - including one particularly agile girl who was doing a good job at emulating some of Britain's finest gymnast Olympians from Rio 2016.

The dip bars too very popular with the kids, so popular in fact that there wasn't sufficient opportunity to take a photograph, but they were exactly the same style as the pull-up bars you can see on the left.

With the amount of kids playing, you'd have to workout here during school hours, or very early in the morning, but it's a beautiful location and if you live in that area you should definitely head there for a workout!

Thank you to Kieron for bringing this one to my attention.

If there is anyone else who has a workout location you can tell me about, please feel free to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to go and check it out ASAP. It doesn't even have to be in Renfrewshire, or Glasgow. I work all over Scotland so I'll probably be passing it at some point.

Hats off to Legacy 2014. Cuningar Loop sets the standard for the whole of Scotland to follow. Every major town and city should have a space like this.


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